Stories Uncle Si Style


Do you have that relative who tells long drawn out stories about his past or their take on history? Sure, we all do. Sometimes we zone them out as we think about grocery lists, work schedules and if they are really boring you start to think about making that dental appointment for that root canal. Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty helps us get through those moments by dissecting a story told by Uncle Si.

The conversation at the warehouse with Jase and the Duck Men gravitated to Si telling about the best football game, ever. Si leans back in his office chair taking center stage as he tells a tale about when he was playing football. We know that his brother, Phil, played football in college and was up to be drafted into the NFL. He walked away because it would have interfered with his duck hunting.

As Si warms up to tell his football story which Jase compares to watching the Super Bowl.

The pre-game hype

Sometimes with the telling you have to give some of the back story. Telling the history before the actual story is critical. Si tells of one of the players being 197 pounds looks “like King Kong. He was mean.”

The strategy of the game

What is the point of the story if you aren’t the hero? Si explains that the coach asks the team who is going to get this guy. Who can stand up and take this player down. Si raises his hand. “I will coach.” The guys in the warehouse break up with laughter as Si explains, “I was 135 pounds. I was Killer Cat Robertson” Which makes the Duck men laugh even harder.

Two hours later the game starts

After all the history is shared, now you can tell the story. Si says that the team made 10 touchdowns in a row. “The score was 70-14.”

Half time

For some of us, half time during the Super Bowl is all we really want to see. The bands, the performer, fireworks, lights, lots of colors, sound and action. The guys watch Si drink his iced tea from his signature aqua Tupperware glass.

Commercial Break

Most of us will talk about the commercials we watched during the Bowl. The commercials are what we talk about around the water cooler. Those of us who missed the show will run back to our office and google the commercial. We need to be on top of the next conversation the next time it comes up. Si’s commercial consists of leaning back in his chair and says, “Epson Salts will make anything feel better.” He also suggests Vick Vapo Rub if you have a back ache. Someone reminds him that its Ben Gay- “The magic formula” Si wisely imparts.

Game is Back

As the second half begins we get more snacks out. Refill our glasses, bowls, plates and settle back to see the last of the game.  Si’s second half of his story of the football game with the score was 70-17. He tells it with his enthusiastic sound effects. BANG! POW!

With all the wonderful wisdom that Duck Dynasty gives up, we hope that Jase’s take on getting through those stories help. Just remember, if you do need to make that dentist appointment- don’t put it off. The Super Bowl is coming- and you need to be able to attack all the snacks.

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