Something You May Not Know About Phil Robertson’s Sons…

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-28

Phil And Kay Actually Have Four Sons…

Duck Commander | Photo Credit Instagram

Many fans of the hit A&E television series Duck Dynasty assume that Phil and Kay Robertson only have three sons, but they actually have four. The fourth son, Alan, who is also the oldest rarely appears on the show.

Alan Robertson is also the only character who doesn’t wear a massive beard, so he doesn’t have the same appearance as the rest of the family. He is a minister who isn’t really involved with the family business.

They all follow the Christian faith however.

Keeping Up With The Robertsons

Duck Dynasty | Photo Credit A&E

Fame 10 writes:

Duck Dynasty, the runaway hit A&E television series entering its fourth season this month, features a family of Louisiana duck hunters living their version of the American dream, camo-style. The Robertson family, headed up by patriarch Phil Robertson, owns and runs the popular duck call company Duck Commander.”

“Phil and Kay Robertson have 4 sons, not 3, as viewers may believe after watching the series. Elder son Alan, who is a minister, has rarely made an appearance on the show. He is the only son who does not sport a beard.”

“The remaining sons are: Jase, the COO of the company who creates the duck calls by hand, Willie, the CEO of the company, and Jep, the youngest, who is involved with photography and videography.”

Phil’s Whacky Brother, Si

Duck Dynasty | Photo Credit A&E

Phil’s brother Si is one of the more quirky members of the family and he’s almost always sipping on sweet tea. Surprisingly, the tea he’s drinking isn’t sweet, but unsweetened, and it comes from a Tupperware cup his mother sent him while he was serving in Vietnam.

Another interesting thing about Si is how his beard appears to be uneven. This is actually because it gets caught between the bottom of his gun and his shoulder when he’s out hunting!

Who is your favorite character on Duck Dynasty?

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