So Maybe It’s a Good Thing Duck Dynasty Is Cancelled?


Duck Dynasty cancelledIt’s no secret that Duck Dynasty doesn’t have a release date set for an eleventh season. That does not necessarily mean it won’t happen. It does mean it’s not slated, as of yet.

Duck Dynasty was once a hit that broke cable and A&E records. The reality show that focuses on the life of the Robertson family, has become almost a counter-cultural icon.

First, patriarch Phil Robertson, literally carved a living out of the wilderness. He provided for his family by hunting and commercial fishing in Louisiana. Then designed his own duck call. For 30 years, Duck Commander was the center of their family’s livelihood.

When son Willie Robertson, along with his wife, Korie came on board as CEO of the company, they put their heads together and tried to breathe new life into it. Willie made a lot of sacrifices in those early years.

Duck Dynasty was originally developed by The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Corp. back in March 2012.

According to,

“Willie and Korie’s silver wedding anniversary is featured in the current season, and they adopt a boy named Rowdy. A surprise marriage proposal, college applications, court hearings – life in a big family is never dull, that’s for sure. However, it seems that the Duck Dynasty glory days are over, since the 4th season premiere record 11.7 million viewers seems impossible to beat. The viewership numbers have been declining shockingly fast ever since following a controversial interview given by the family patriarch Phil Robertson to the GQ magazine. The current tenth season has premiered to a mere 1.3 million viewers and a 0.5 rating. The preceding season already had a feeling that the series is running out of steam, so let’s see what the network decides after the tenth season averages are calculated.”

The current season began in July. Die hard fans are upset about the possible cancellation. But is it really a bad thing?

Consider this, not only is Duck Commander duck call business doing well, thanks to the show, but a number of other businesses have also sprung out of it.

Jep and Jessica have their own show, Growing the Dynasty. Phil’s youngest son, could be giving new life to the dynasty. The first episode brings with it a new addition to the family. A baby boy named Jules Augustus– Gus for short.

There are Duck Commander Tires, Duck Commander Wines, and you can’t walk into a sporting goods store without seeing four bearded faces plastered on everything from flashlights to coffee mugs.

So, what if they don’t have another season? Could it be a good thing? After all, they certainly have given the public quite a bit so far. Maybe it will free them up for even more.