This Is A Side Of Sadie Robertson Revealed We’ve Never Seen Before…


Sadie Robertson recently released a music video with Brett Eldridge. The Duck Dynasty daughter showed her more grown-up adult side, playing the 31-year-old’s love interest. This is certainly a side of Sadie we’ve never seen before.

Sadie Robertson In The Long Way

Sadie Robertson has been getting involved in the music industry lately in a big way. Earlier this month she released a hit single with the Anthem Lights, a Christian band. Now she’s starring in Brett Eldridge’s The Long Way music video. The Video premiered on Monday, and it shocked many fans.

Sadie told her many followers, “The Long Way” video is here friends ‼️Honored to be a part of this @bretteldredge.” The pair filmed the project last month, and have been teasing it to fans ever since. Now that it’s finally released, many fans are shocked at how grown-up Sadie Robertson is.

In the video, Brett Eldridge begins singing, “Don’t think I’ve ever seen your kind of pretty…” He starts to walk towards Sadie in a crowded bar. Sadie is only 20 years old, not even of drinking age. It’s striking to see her in such an adult setting, especially for fans who got to know her as the high school daughter in Duck Dynasty. Previously we’ve thought of her as an innocent teenager.

Brett and Sadie share knowing glances. He sings “Take me the long way around your town. Were you the queen with the silver crown?” Sadie plays the perfect girl next door beauty, smiling and modeling for the camera. She certainly is beautiful. 

However, it’s hard to imagine her being romantically involved with Brett, who is 11 years her senior.


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The video keeps things PG-rated. Besides beginning in a bar, there’s nothing scandalous about the video. Sadie continues to pursue projects that allow her to keep her morals and standards high. Previously Sadie has said that she won’t appear in movies or projects that challenge her faith and image. 

She said, “My main passion in my whole life is just to motivate and encourage girls and guys to just be confident in who they’re originally created to be. With that kind of being my foundation, if a movie doesn’t line up with that—it doesn’t inspire people to be the best version of themselves—then I just can’t do it.”

It looks like Sadie Robertson dubbed Brett Eldridge’s video to be lined up with her values. 

Were you shocked to see Sadie playing such a mature role?