BREAKING: Si Says No To Hollywood Temptations, Spreads THIS HUGE Christian Message Instead…


It Was An Honor

Many fans know Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty, the hit A&E reality TV show. However, what they don’t realize is that Si also has scripted acting experience. Si appeared in a major movie called Faith of Our Fathers. Here’s what Uncle Si had to say about his experience on the big screen.

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Si told Sonoma Christian Home TV that he felt honored when he was asked to be a part of the film. He also felt personally connected to the story. Si explained that the film follows two young men who feel there is something missing in their lives. They want to learn more about their father and what their background was. The boys have unanswered questions. Si said, “Look that’s like any of us in life. I’ve been there before. There’s a lot of times that I’ve been met with stuff, that I wondered what’s going on here; how is this going to end?”

The Christian Angle

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Si was also drawn to the film because of its deep Christian message. All of the Duck Dynasty cast members try to incorporate their religious views into their side projects. Si stated, “the Gospel is clearly portrayed in this movie.” Si starred along side Oscar winner Stephen Baldwin in the film. Baldwin said the movie projects the idea that, “when life takes you down a certain road, and you don’t completely understand everything that it’s about…there’s an opportunity for you to go to God to get the answers.”

Honoring Veterans

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An added bonus is that the film honored veterans, and tells a military story. Si is a Vietnam veteran; a fact that is often brought up on Duck Dynasty. The film even celebrated veterans by premiering regionally to groups of past servicemen. Baldwin said of honoring veterans, “It’s just one of those things for me that’s important.” Si Robertson certainly agrees. 

Si hoped that his performance and the entire movie would bring audiences three things. He hoped viewers would enjoy the love story, hear the gospel of Christ, and be inspired to welcome home veterans with open arms. Si said, “We send them off to war, so honor our veterans and welcome them back.”

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