Si-Nonomics- Its Sweet Summer Soup, You Idiot.


Uncle Si Robertson is at it again in Season 11 of Duck Dynasty. Helping John Luke with his  stand he used all his business sense to invent some new summer time soups. The soup Nazi in Seinfeld has nothing on our Uncle Si. Forbes needs to learn some Si-nonomics.   

Willie was happy to join in his son’s vision of having his own business. John Luke has a small snow cone shack which, if all the unfurled calculator paper rolls that he put on his dad’s desk, are any indication, he is successful at his small enterprise.

Si asked for a raise from his boss/nephew, Willie, eight years ago and still hadn’t received it. As John Luke wants to expand his snow cone marketing to include soups in the winter. He needs a new financial partner. Si says he will help. As a financial partner Si began sharing with John and others his Si-nomomics. He orders one of the employees to sweep and mop the metal roof of the snow cone shack. “The better we look, the more we sell.”

There Is No Business-Like Snow Business

Si relates to the camera that John Luke is “adrift in the ocean like a big boat with no wings.” He must learn how to make his small snow cone stand successful all year round. “There is no business-like snow business,” Si announces.

The elder Robertson likes to let customers know what flavors they SHOULD have, not the flavor of snow cones they want to try. John Luke with the usual Robertson reaction is shocked. He tries to tell his Great Uncle not to turn down customer requests for certain flavors, but deep inside you can tell the young man is in conflict. He wants to tell Si to stop, go home, go do something else, or perhaps, just, ‘get out’. But you can see that deep southern tradition of honoring your elders flashing behind his eyes. How conflicted can a young man be? Want to kill your relative- yet you must honor him.

John Luke is heading for Liberty University but he still wants his business to keep going. As they are heading for winter, he asks his Dad about featuring a special menu for the colder months. Willie is thinking about it when Uncle Si comes in. When told of the plan he says, “Makes sense. Serve them some hot soup and they have to order snow cones to cool off.”

“Yeah.” John Luke gets on board with the idea.

In planning for the changeover to winter fare from snow cones to soup, John Luke asks what kind of soup should they sell.  Si tells John Luke about gazpacho soup. “Every time I order it, it’s cold,” Si laments.

“I think it’s supposed to be, Uncle Si.” John Luke explains.

Try Our Pina Colada Chowder, It’s Sweet Summer Soups, You Idiot.

Si figures as there is winter soup, they need to make some summer soup. He starts to add ingredients and spices into the snow cone flavors channeling Emeril Lagasse yelling, “Pow,” as he sprinkles something into the mix. “Pow,” as he adds some more.

The list of new soups is interesting, Blueberry Bisque, Bubble Gum Bisque, Colada Clam Chowder and Cherry Noodle Soup. As customer’s order snow cones, he suggests they try the new soups. A man is seen throwing it into the trash barrel, two girls mixed with fear and trepidation taste it, honestly telling Si that it is “awful”. The proclamation of the off taste to Si doesn’t deter him- he keeps naming his soups.

“Gotta try our Pina Colada Chowder. It’s Sweet Summer Soups, you Idiot.”

John Luke goes to his dad for more guidance. Willie agrees to help by giving Si a small raise and that he needs his help in the warehouse. John Luke seems relieved. “You have to come home every six weeks to take care of your business.”

“Did Mom tell you that?”

“Yeah”, Willie admits.


Looking forward to seeing what else our favorite crazy Uncle is going to do this final season of Ducky Dynasty on A&E 8/9c on Wednesday nights.