NEW: Uncle Si Opens Up About Growing Up With Phil… THIS Sentence Will Make You Tear Up


Brothers Robertson

Uncle Si and Phil Robertson
source: The Gospel Herald

Ah, brotherly love. It shows up in a lot of different ways. 

Uncle Si seems to look up to his older brother Phil, both in life and as an employee — Phil is his boss. And Si has said many things about Phil — and here are just a few of those things…

Uncle Si on growing up with Phil

Uncle Si
Young Phil Robertson (source: Wildfowl)

Si said that whenever Phil was going out to do something, their mom would say, “Take your younger brother.” This would be the case even when Phil was going on a date with Miss Kay.

“Phil is my brother and his wife is like my older sister,” Uncle Si said. “I’ve been with them all their life. I’m like the fifth wheeler on the good tractor trailer. You can’t haul nothing without the good fifth wheel.” 

Si and Phil went from boys to millionaires

Duck Dynasty fans
source: Programming Insider

“Look, every morning, I go out to the Duck business, and I brush my teeth, wash my hair, and I look in the mirror and a lot of people says God doesn’t have a sense of humor,” Uncle Si said. “God has taken us and made us TV stars.”

Uncle Si says Phil can do miracles

Uncle Si

Uncle Si told the story of when a young man approached Phil and said, “Last time you saw me, I was in a wheelchair, and I look at lot different now. Because I didn’t have no hair because I was getting chemotherapy.”

Phil then said, “You were the one I prayed to get up and you now to collect on the duck hunt, huh?” The young man replied, “Yes sir, I am.”

“We say a prayer and the almighty lift him up,” Uncle Si added. “Be it God, he can do that. He can show mercy on who he wants to.”

Uncle Si on his and Phil’s family

Uncle Si
source: Duck Commander

“I am amazed that America has embraced the Robertson family like they have,” he said. “We are humbled by it and we really appreciate it.”

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  • bakersfieldmom

    never liked them; seems they hold themselves up to be so Christian and yet have their own sins. Walk the talk, folks.

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