There’s Actually A Scientific Reason The State Breaks Up Duck Seasons


Duck season is broken up in multiple states. Many hunters find this to be annoying- it cuts off their routine and upsets their flow. However, there’s actually a scientific reason for these breaks.

Duck Season Broken Down

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Many states and areas in them experience a break in the duck hunting season. For example, in Long Island hunters may hunt from November 23 through the 26th, and then December 4th through January 28th. Many hunters find this break to be annoying. They have to get all their equipment out twice. They get on a roll and want their streak to keep going. However, there is a scientific reason for these breaks.

Emily Gaydos, a wildlife biologist at Camp Lejeune, said, ““The earliest and latest dates and the total number of days in which states may hold hunting seasons are set by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. States are allowed to divide their hunting period for most species into two or sometimes three segments in order to take advantage of species-specific peaks of abundance. There are scientific reasons for the setting of season and bag limits; just like with most hunting seasons.”

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Essentially, these rules are put in place to optimize hunting, while staying within wildlife conservation rules. Gaydos explained further, with an anecdote, “The split seasons in North Carolina are an attempt to give hunters the opportunity to harvest various bird species when they will be most abundant without exceeding the total number of hunt days set by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.”

The Bright Side

While many hunters find the breaks annoying, some welcome the off time with open arms. Wives, like Duck Dynasty‘s Missy Robertson, get their husbands back for a few days. Missy has chronicled her grievances with duck season openly on her social media pages. The Duck wife doesn’t like her husband’s tough hunting schedule. Perhaps she and Jase will benefit from spending the break together.

Hunters can also take advantage of the time by scouting out new spots, fixing equipment, and resting. 

Do you enjoy a break in your duck season, or would you rather it run straight through?