Discover Sadie Robertson’s Amazing Newfound Talent


Sadie Robertson isn’t just a self-help author, reality star, or entrepreneur. She’s also a pretty great singer. Sadie and Laney Redmon wrote a song and posted it to Instagram, leaving many fans stunned by their talent.

Sadie Robertson’s Many Talents

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We’ve seen her on reality shows, social media posts, and even on daytime talk shows. Sadie Robertson knows how to work a room, be a public figure, and grow her brand. She started on Duck Dynasty but quickly moved to Dancing With The Stars, where her fan base grew overnight. 

She then went on to write a Best Selling novel, Live Original, and a tour spurred out of the movement. Sadie went from city to city in the USA speaking God’s word and encouraging her peers. 

There seems to be no talent this little girl doesn’t have. Yet we were still surprised to see her singing on the internet last week. Sadie has starred in music videos before for well-known names like Brett Eldredge. However, had no idea she had the creativity to write her own lyrics. Sadie and her friend Laney Redmon wrote a worship song and posted it to social media for all the world to see. Fans were shocked and totally surprised by how beautiful and catchy the song is.

A Song’s Meaning

The song wasn’t just a random concoction. Sadie says that the lyrics are an homage to Laney and Sadie’s journey with Christ this year. She wrote, “It’s been such a crazy year for the both of us. We decided to sit down and write and with both our stories from our past to where we are now and it turned into worship.”

The lyrics say, “Peace was waiting on the other side of trust.” Sadie has been quite open about her struggle with anxiety and fear the past year. She even centered her book Live Fearless around the subject. Sadie Robertson said, “We have come to realize the importance of following peace no matter where that might lead. It takes trust, but fall into his arms and you will find a peace that will cover every step…”