Sadie Makes MAJOR Change To Her Tour… Look Who She’s Bringing


Sadie Robertson’s new best friend, Ashlynne Bell is traveling the country with her on the Live Original tour. The new kid on the block shares one very important personality trait with Sadie and her fans. She loves Hallmark Christmas movies.

Sadie Robertson’s New Best Friend

It seems Sadie Robertson is making friends left and right this year. The Duck Dynasty alumni moved to Nashville last year, and since then has grown quite the tribe. The big move was a serious step for Sadie. 

She’s always had the comfort of living close by to a large family. Now, however, Sadie can build her own support system. Plus, it seems her favorite thing to do is invite her friends on tour.

Laney Redmond is one of Sadie’s best friends on tour. Laney is a dancer, who performed with many Christian musical groups and even designed some of the Live Original merchandise.

However, Laney is now dancing on tour with Mandisa. That means Sadie needs a new partner in crime. Cue Ashlynne Bell. The writer seems to be Sadie Robertson’s new best friend. The two are inseparable while on tour. Sadie told her fans all about their new friendship.

Sadie wrote an adorable Instagram caption. She said, “things @ashlynnenbell and I found out we have in common in the past three days of spending every second together…. tiny questionable dance moves. Major hallmark Christmas fanatic… a strong love for popcorn…”

Many of Sadie’s fans love Hallmark movies. Sadie even starred in a Hallmark movie this summer.

Ashlynne Bell Writes

Ashlynne Bell is not only involved in the Live Original tour. She also wrote a guest blog piece for the Live Original blog last month. Ashlynne wrote about a hot topic on Live Original– fear. It seems both she and Sadie also share a propensity for anxiety. However, like Sadie, she finds comfort in her faith. 

She wrote, “So, when the wave of insecurity, misunderstanding, or doubt tries to wash over me, I will be anchored by the undercurrent of mercy–mercy that has triumphed over judgment. Mercy and hope have a depth far beyond what any circumstance or situation could ever bring.”

Sadie Robertson’s new best friend Ashlynne Bell seems to have a heart of gold. Have you seen her at the Live Original tour?