Sadie Robertson Makes Surprising Confession About Her Brother…


Sadie Robertson and her brother John Luke are very close. The Duck Dynasty star even recently called him “one of her best friends.” That’s why it’s not surprising that the Live Original star took inspiration from JL in this one way.

Sadie Robertson Draws Inspiration From Her Brother

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Sadie and John Luke grew up together in West Monroe Louisiana. They are close in age, and even more in friendship. Sadie recently wrote, ” when we were younger we did our share of pestering each other, but now it’s all good, and I can say he’s one of my best friends.”

Recently John Luke inspired Sadie to write a blog post for Live Original about change. Apparently John Luke tried to challenge himself in high school. He had read that creating little changes in your daily life can flex your brain muscles. Sadie wrote, ” All through high school, John Luke was constantly challenging himself to change in some way. For a while, he would brush his teeth with his left hand or play Ping-Pong left-handed, even though he is right-handed. I know it sounds like a simple change, but he read somewhere that when we challenge ourselves to make little changes, our brain gets some much-needed exercise.”

Sadie was inspired by this mindset. She wants to take notice when her thoughts and actions need to change, and turn more towards God. Sadie urged her fans, “Maybe you’ve been hanging around people who steer you away from Jesus, or you’ve gotten into the bad habit of hateful thoughts or negative talk. Perhaps you just need to change your morning routine to include some God-time. What is it? Today is the day to take that first step.”

The Live Original Blog

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The Live Original blog has been taking off recently. It’s a place Sadie can now use to speak directly to her fans and followers. Sadie often writes about her daily devotions, personal struggles, and worship sessions. There are also quite a few guest bloggers writing for the project. This gives readers a diverse group of voices to listen to and adds to the impact of the blog.

We love to see Sadie Robertson and John Luke together. Don’t you?