Sadie Robertson Will Be Telling Us How To Use Social Media


Sadie Robertson’s social media fast will surely be over by August — she just announced that she’ll be a part of a social media convention in Utah. 

photo by @legitsadierob via

Just a little bit ago, Sadie announced she would be taking a multiple-month break from social media.

“I just need to get away,” she said about the social media fast. “And just really focus on my life and just invest in my friendships and invest in my family and invest in my relationship with the Lord.”

The event, CVX Live, happening in early August, will present speakers who have a combined 30 billion online views.

“Utah is such a great spot for this type of event,” said John Roberts, CVX Live founder. “The amount of talent here, as well as the supportive fan base, it’s really hard to beat.”

This event is for those wanting to learn how to begin or grow their social media influence, allowing people to network and learn right from the experts.

Sadie is considered a social media mogul, and for good reason. She has:

  • 2.8 million Instagram followers
  • 1.8 million Twitter followers
  • Nearly 580K Facebook likes
  • More than 122K YouTube subscribers

I’d be happy to get social media advice from anyone with that big of a following, but especially Sadie.

Sadie Robertson
Sadie is loving life (photo by @legitsadierobertson via Instagram)

And this is a family-friendly event — you don’t have to worry about being a certain age. This is not a 21-and-up deal or an event that demands you be a legal adult to attend. Anyone with a social media profile can buy a ticket.

“We really try hard to make this an event where you can feel safe with your kids or dropping off your teenagers without worrying about the content of the event,” Roberts said. “It’s important to us.”

So all of you young Sadie Robertson fans have nothing to worry about. Grab yourself a ticket before April 30.


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