Sadie Robertson Unveils Major Career Move With Instagram Post


Sadie Robertson is becoming quite the music queen. She’s starred in three new music videos this year, and now she’s releasing a new single with Anthem Lights. The Duck Dynasty star recently released the lyrics to her new song, and we’re pretty excited about it.

Sadie Robertson Teases Lyrics

…. just be YOU. coming soon. 🙂 @anthemlightsband

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Sadie Robertson recently revealed that she would be releasing a new song with the Christian musical group Anthem Lights. Sadie said in an Instagram post, “Just Be You…coming soon.” The photo features Robertson singing along with the highly popular group. These guys met on the Live Original tour, and travel the country performing with Sadie. We can only assume they will be performing the song at this year’s events. 

The group said, “We had the pleasure of featuring the lovely and talented [Sadie Robertson] on our new song “Just Be You”! Available now everywhere!”

Sadie also posted the lyrics to the song on her Instagram. She said, “I’m so excited for this song to be out!!! When we set down to talk about writing this song we decided we just want to create a song that you girls can sing over yourself in the morning and throughout the day as a reminder that YOU truly are a one of a kind! You have a purpose.”

Sadie hopes the message of the song will resonate with her audience. She continued, “There is a reason for YOU to be here on earth for such a time as this! So set aside fear and start to do the things that God has called you to and created inside of you!”

Sadie’s Other Music Video

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Sadie also released a second musical endeavor this week. She starred in Steven Malcolm’s Cereal: Remix music video. This song is much more lighthearted and glorifies eating cereal at any time of the day. The Country music queen got down and dirty, rapping her verse about Live Original, and Duck Dynasty. Sadie and Steven will perform this song on tour as well.

Live Original tour attendees are certainly in for a musical treat. It looks like Sadie Robertson will be performing multiple musical numbers in cities across America this year.