Sadie Robertson Just Spent A Lot Of Money To Do This…


Sadie Robertson is sharing her wealth and success in a BIG way. The Duck Dynasty star isn’t just giving to charity. Instead, she’s helping her friends create their success. 

Sadie Robertson Shares Her Success

You know what they say- give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat forever. Or, something like that. Sadie Robertson seems to be implementing this strategy when it comes to sharing her major success.

It’s no question that Sadie has garnered tremendous success and popularity. Fans gained interest in the Duck Dynasty star when they first saw her on A&E. Then her following grew tenfold after joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars. Now fans follow her on social media, through her Youtube channel, Live Original tour, and many entertainment industry endeavors. 

Sadie’s using her popularity to help other young artists and Christian business owners to build their success. Sadie’s 2.9 million Instagram followers are a great advertising base. She knows her fans will see the people and products she recommends. That’s why Sadie is helping to promote her friends’ social media accounts, businesses, and books.

For example, Sadie recently appeared in a music video with Steven Malcolm. Steven is a Christian rapper, who shares Sadie’s faith and values. Steven’s video already received over 30,000 views in 24 hours. That is probably due, in part, to Sadie advertising and appearing in the project.

Sadie’s Many Friends

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Whether Sadie realizes it or not, her friends gain their own Instagram fame just by being tagged in her pictures. The Duck Dynasty daughter has been posting pictures with Laney Redmon quite a bit lately. Laney is a dancer for Mandesa, and previously performed on the Live Original tour. She now boasts a following 33.6 thousand followers. 

Sadie’s also been using her Live Original blog to help get her friends’ messages out there. She’s featured many writers, including those with their self-help, inspirational, and encouraging novels. 

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Another example of this is Alyssa Bethke. Alyssa wrote a blog post about her experience with an eating disorder recently. Alyssa is also the author of Love That Lasts, a book she and her husband wrote about marriage. Blog readers may like her reading style and decide to purchase her book.

We think it’s excellent that Sadie Robertson is helping out so many Christian friends and entrepreneurs. Not only does it allow for her fans to find new content, but it also spreads the wealth and success of Duck Dynasty