Sadie Robertson Shares Powerful Message About Identify Not Coming From Beauty

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-21

Sadie Robertson Speaks Out

Sadie, Bates | Photo Credit Instagram

Whenever a seemingly normal person enters the limelight, there’s always a chance that the Hollywood industry types will try to shape that person to fit the “look.” This is most notable, perhaps, on shows like American Idol as a contestant changes throughout the season.

When Duck Dynasty hit the air, the Robertson family tried not to change too much. This even got them into some trouble once or twice in interviews. For Sadie Robertson, however, the young girl was pushed into modeling.

Because of her faith, Sadie knew her identity wasn’t about her looks alone though.

Telling America’s Youth To Lose Weight

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit DWTS

Sadie revealed, “[I] had my stomach ‘fat’ pinched to make sure I knew which part I needed to get rid of… I’ve been told if I would lose 10 pounds then I may look like an actual model, yet all the while I just smile, laugh, eat, and dance my way through the shoots.”

“These things at one point in my life would [have] really hurt me, but now I smile because I know my identity does not lie in my looks, my pictures, people’s comments, or my Instagram.”

“Identity Lies Within God’s Hands…”

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit Instagram

Sadie’s words are all the more powerful considering how many young people live within the social media realm. It’s hard not to feel down when all anyone can see is how everyone else is having such a good time.

Social media can do more harm than good for those who aren’t invited to the party or aren’t build like their friends. Sadie Robertson is a great messenger for teens who experience social media shame.

She reminds her followers, “My identity lies within the hands of my God who I believe created me to be fearfully and wonderfully made,” she wrote. “I believe EVERYONE has the face to pull off a ‘no makeup shoot’ because that is YOUR FACE. The makeup is just extra.”

What do you think of Sadie’s comments to the press?

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