Sadie Robertson Releases A Captivating Excerpt From Her New Book “Live Fearless”


Sadie Robertson released a sneak peak of her new book Live Fearless last week. She titled the Live Original blog post Live Fearless, and showed readers exactly what her newest work will center around- her time on Dancing With The Stars.

Sadie Robertson’s New Book

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Many Sadie Robertson fans know that Sadie was apprehensive to join Dancing With The Stars. She was selected to be on the show last-minute and was asked to uproot her entire life to LA in a span of days. Now Sadie has written about the experience in her newest book Live Fearless.

Sadie’s first book Live Original made the New York Time’s best sellers’ list and sparked an entire brand for the star. The past year she toured the country with her Live Original tour and spoke to young people all over. The first book focused on the peer pressure teens feel in today’s day and age and how Sadie overcame those temptations as a teen.

Now Live Fearless appears to be geared towards a wider audience- not just teens but also young adults. Sadie admits that being on Dancing With the Stars was the scariest thing she’s ever done. However, thank goodness she made the choice to appear on the show. It catapulted her to fame and helped her grow the platform she uses to this day.

Sadie’s Writing

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Sadie begins the Live Fearless excerpt saying, “Even after the show started, with every practice and every performance, I had to face my fear. Sometimes I felt like arrows of fear were flying at me from all different directions (just like in Ephesians 6:16)—fear of not getting my steps right, fear that something awkward might happen with my wardrobe, fear of letting my partner down, fear of so many new experiences in such a short time.”

She ends the piece on a cliffhanger; “Being on Dancing with the Stars was the biggest thing I’d ever done—and the most fear producing. But it didn’t stay that way.”

It seems Sadie Robertson’s new book will chronicle her time in LA. It will also explain to readers how to overcome anxieties and worries by relying on Jesus Christ and faith. Will you be pre-ordering a copy this year?