Sadie Says 4 Words In An Unseen Video Of Her “High”…


Sadie Robertson might as well have taken truth serum when she had her wisdom teeth removal. The anesthesia and pain medication made for quite the cocktail. Sadie proclaimed, “I’m high as a kite!” in a new clip she’s released for her fans.

Sadie Robertson Apologizes For “Getting High”

“Sadie Robertson apologizes for getting high,” is probably not a headline you’d expect to see. However, that’s exactly what happens in the new Youtube video Sadie released. Thankfully, Sadie wasn’t under the influence of any illegal drugs. Instead, she had just had her wisdom teeth removed, and was still feeling the effects of the anesthesia. Despite having a totally good reason to be feeling loopy, Sadie was still feeling remorseful.

Sadie has a large conscious, and even in her altered state of mind, she still felt guilty about being under the influence. Korie couldn’t help but laugh as Sadie proclaimed, “I am high as a kite!” She then apologized, “Sorry mom! Sorry God! …I didn’t mean to get high!” Leave it to Sadie to remember her faith even while under the influence. Korie had to assure her daughter, “on this occasion it’s okay.”

However, Sadie wasn’t about to assure her mother in return. She looked out the window and saw that the speed limit was 35 miles per hour. She then pointed out that her mom was driving 38. In utter shock and horror, Sadie proclaimed, “We’re both sinners.” Korie could barely contain her laughter.

The Robertson’s Light Hearts

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The Robertsons need to be given credit for being able to poke fun at themselves. Sadie released this video on her own. She thinks its hysterical and wanted her fans to share in the comedy. In a world obsessed with image, Sadie is willing to show this unedited footage. We applaud her bravery and are so thankful. We spent the entire afternoon laughing at this unseen footage of Sadie Robertson, and we couldn’t be bigger fans.