How Sadie Robertson Overcame Fear Thanks to Dancing with the Stars

Sadie Robertson
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Sadie Robertson really wanted to do Dancing With the Stars. So she went to LA and had a meeting. So who doesn’t want a Duck Dynasty family member on their show right? Well, they were cooler about it than maybe you or I would be, so after their meeting–they said, they’d call in a couple of weeks.

Two weeks turned into two months. At last the call Sadie had been waiting for came in. However, it wasn’t quite the news she expected to hear.

They said no. Just wasn’t going to happen this year– maybe some other time.

Accepting that, Sadie was a little disappointed.

However, two days later they called back and said, “Just kidding.” They actually wanted her on the show. Then they dropped the bombshell. She had to be there the very next day.

Yeah. The next day, they wanted her to move to LA, and live there for three months. At that point, Sadie told them no. The thought of moving, leaving everything she had going on at home for three months at the drop of a hat, was not appealing.

Her mom, Korie Robertson, wasn’t buying her answer. She called them back and asked to give her one more day.

However, Sadie was absolutely sure she didn’t want to go. And that’s what she told her mom–no. She’s not doing it.

Then, she went out to lunch with her 11-year-old little sister.

“Sadie,” she said, “can I ask you something?” Of course, Sadie said yes.

“Umm. Is this the fear talking or is this Sadie talking?”

That’s when it got real for Sadie. The wisdom of her little sister made her think twice. It was fear. She was really scared. Now, it was out in the open– and she had to deal with it.

That’s when she realized that, yeah, it was the fear talking. That’s when she remembered a verse that she read when she was in eighth grade and getting bullied. It was a time when she was also battling insecurity, Sadie told a crowd at Liberty University.

“Do not forget the confident trust you have in the Lord, but it will be richly rewarded.”

It was then that she realized that God could have a lot planned for her through this.

She knew it wasn’t about what she could do, but rather what God could do through her.

Obviously, she took the leap of faith and headed out to LA on a moment’s notice. So often we think we can do things on our power. We start out strong. But falter as we go. Sadie took the opposite route.

Screen Shot Dancing with the Stars
Screen Shot Dancing with the Stars

Fear overcame her, and she backed up. Then she shifted their confidence in what God has in store for her and through her.