A Young Fan Comes To See Sadie, But What Sadie Does Next Will Make You Cry…


 Sadie speaks in front of thousands and meets with many of those people before and after each show. But one person had a profound effect on her.

Sadie Robertson with her new friend, Chloe. Chloe has been deeply affected by Sadie’s work.

Sadie Robertson is on the road with the Winter Jam crew.

During their stop in Pittsburgh, Pa., Sadie met a young girl who impressed her.

“Oh, I met this really sweet girl named Chloe,” Sadie says in her YouTube video. “She has Down Syndrome — she’s doing some amazing, amazing things.”

Apparently, Sadie has impacted Chloe as well, as she has done for many young people. The young girl told Sadie specifically what had encouraged her.

“She told me that her favorite video of mine is the ‘Priceless’ video, which is really sweet because she is so priceless,” Sadie says. “And I was able to tell her that in person instead of her just watching it in a video. It was really, really good. Chloe’s a really sweet girl.”

And this — this encounter — is what Sadie is looking for on the Winter Jam…

She’s looking to influence people for the better. She wants God to show up.

“Being on the road is so fun and we like to laugh a lot and talk,” she says. “But the real reason we’re out here is to just preach the Good News, and to just pour Jesus into the lives of so many. And that’s our prayer every night.”

Watch the full YouTube video below:



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