Sadie Uploads This Unseen Video From John Luke After Dentist, Everyone Loses It At…


John Luke After Dentist is a favorite among Duck Dynasty fans. The episode aired on September 18th, 2013, and will live in infamy evermore. Now Sadie Robertson had blessed us with even more comedic after dentist moments. Plus, this time the clips feature Sadie even more.

John Luke After Dentist

John Luke After Dentist is a fan favorite for a number of reasons. It’s just good old fashion Duck Dynasty fun. The episode featured both John Luke and Sadie getting their wisdom teeth removed. The family had a great time taking advantage of their hilarious state after anesthesia. 

Korie and Willie, in particular, had a great time with it. Willie stated in the episode, “It’s not often that you get to give your kids truth-serum, and not go to jail.” Willie then proceeded to ask Sadie if she had been kissing any boys, as any concerned dad would do. 

However, the true star of the episode was John Luke. He had a crazy look on his face, and said: “I’ve got evil powers.” Korie could barely contain her hysterics. She said, “This is better than naked baby photos. His girlfriends will be seeing this for years to come.”

Unseen Footage

Finally, Sadie Robertson has released even more unseen footage of the siblings’ wisdom teeth removal. The Duck Dynasty star posted a sort of sequel to John Luke After Dentist on her youtube channel. The video has already brought in over 98,000 views. It begins with Sadie muttering “I do not think I should be making decisions right now…I am high as a kite!” 

Sadie then hilariously begins to start dancing to the song Apple Bottom Jeans. Korie is audibly laughing in the background, and Sadie gyrates while wearing a full head wrap. Sadie also admitted she was upset that she wasn’t asked to be in Bay Watch. Sadie managed to talk about Katy Perry, Mark Ballas, and The Rock all while being shocked by her own appearance.

We love that Sadie released this unseen John Luke After Dentist footage of herself. It just goes to show Sadie doesn’t take herself too seriously and loves entertaining her fans.