Sadie Robertson Just Gave Life To This Unique Innovation


Yes, you’ve probably heard of subscription boxes before. Many people subscribe to services that send them a plethora of goods ranging from fashion items, to groceries each month. But have you ever heard of a community leader in a box? We hadn’t either…until Sadie Robertson made it a thing.

Sadie Robertson’s New Idea

LOOKING FOR LEADERS! PRE-SALE STARTS TODAY! This is for those of you who signed up for the email list so go check your email to make your decision to become a leader of an awake group in your community! 💗 REMINDER 💗 – this box will equip you with an 8 week study I have written in the form of a beautiful magazine called the LO magazine that my team has created. It will have 8 weeks of meal plans for you as well, so that you can know what to cook your group when you invite them over. It has 4 weeks of crafts that go along with my study and some of the materials in the box. It has 4 weeks of workout dance routines to do with friends. It has a segment on worship and helping you learn how to dive into worshipping freely! We want you to have EVERYTHING you need to lead fearlessly in your community and learn to welcome people in with hospitality to have the fellowship of sisterhood. In the box we also have some fun gifts like my new book, a worship CD I picked for y’all, and some scrunchys from @woollythreads 💗 AND to top it all off you will be given access to 26 brand new videos of us teaching y’all how to teach the study as you go along! These videos will only be accessed for box members only. We are in it WITH YOU! Here is a clip from one of the videos that you will be able to watch teaching a way on how to lead people in learning from Genesis 24 💗 goes on sell to the public March 11th and our number is limited. So, if you have the pre-sale email you may want to go ahead and buy so you do not miss out. @liveoriginal

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Sadie Robertson has been pushing the envelope since she first appeared on Dancing With The Stars. The Duck Dynasty alum pushed her way to the finals, and have been riding the waves of success ever since. She then went on to write a book, Live Original, that turned into a successful tour series. She sells merchandise all over the world, appears in movies, and music videos, and is a prominent author. What else was there for Sadie Robertson to do?

Well, she just pushed the envelope again by creating an entirely new type of subscription box. We’re all familiar with subscription boxes. Many send fashion items, like clothes, athletic wear, or jewelry to your door each month. Sadie’s sister, Rebecca Robertson, even offers a style box from the Duck and Dressing boutique. But Sadie’s box is different. Sadie’s box promises to help you become a leader in your community. 

What The Leadership Box Offers

⚠️WARNING ⚠️ TAG YOUR FRIENDS PRE-SALE ON BOX STARTS TOMORROW❗️ we have been so blown away by the signups since the announcement of this exciting project and movement! Like we said there is a limited number of boxes for this first round, so if you are not on the sign-up list there is a high chance you may not get a chance to get in on this first round! We of course want all of you to get your hands on this, because we so believe in it. We believe it’s going to be so strengthening and so much fun it’s going to be to do together! It goes on sale tomorrow at 10:00 am CT only for those who are signed up with the link in my bio! This is different then my normal liveoriginal email list. This is a special email for only those who specifically signed up for this leadership box! ps these are my real life friends and this is real life laughter and I couldn’t love them or this anymore. 💥♥️

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Sadie explained, “This box is filled with everything you need to lead, including: an 8 week study, meal plans, crafts, dance videos, worship encouragement 🙌🏻 We are helping you create community in your community while creating a community of girls studying and doing life together around the world.”

In the box customers will receive a magazine filled with Bible study, written by Sadie Robertson. It comes with videos of Sadie talking that accompany the studies. However, it doesn’t stop there. Sadie says “it is literally to equip you with a study to invite people in.” The box doesn’t just offer advice on how to read the Bible. It also offers full recipes, for hosting a Bible study and entertaining at your house. It even comes with “worship lessons” from Sadie’s back up dancer friend Laney Redmon. There are even craft ideas to go along with each lesson. This is basically adult Sunday school for your home.

It’s definitely never been done before. People these days are looking for a way to connect with one another, and create a one of a kind experience. Do you think Sadie Robertson’s new product will be a success?