Sadie Got Asked This Big Christian Question, And Her Answer Went Viral…


Sadie Robertson just answered some seriously common Christian questions on her Youtube channel. The Duck Dynasty alum and Live Original host decided to address a few frequently asked questions from her tour. Here’s what she had to say.

Sadie Robertson’s Christian Questions

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Sadie Robertson decided to answer three commonly asked Christian questions on her Youtube channel. The star said, “Every single day on the tour we do a question and answer. I have gotten three consistent questions every single night, that I’ve been addressing every single night in pretty much the same way.”

The three questions Sadie frequently gets are: How do I make time for God in my busy schedule? How do you not get mad at God when things go wrong? How do I separate and make time for both God and my boyfriend?

Sadie said she has one answer that an take care of all of these questions. Sadie said, “Your time and God’s time should not be a separate thing. When I walk away from this porch, with my time with God, God’s going with me.”

Sadie explained that you don’t need to manage your time with God when he’s always there. “How do I manage my time with God with my busy schedule?” Sadie answered, “He’s in my busy schedule.”

Turning To Faith

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Sadie encouraged her fans to turn to their faith in all areas of their life, and not press “pause” on their relationship with God. “In this pause and play relationship, when we press pause and go in our life, it runs out. The happiness runs out.”

Sadie also said this idea relates to relationships and times of sadness. “Even when you go through the hard times…your faith doesn’t waver. Your faith is not tested, you’re not mad at God…If anything you’re more in love with who he is.” She added that if God isn’t in your relationship, you might not be able to withstand temptation.

Sadie Robertson is certainly wise beyond her years. Do you agree with her answers to these three common questions?