Sadie Robertson Admits She HATES Watching Duck Dynasty


Sadie Robertson recently admitted that she hated watching herself on Duck Dynasty. Though she’s glad her family’s memories will be memorialized forever, she cringes at the sight of herself.

Why Sadie hates watching Duck Dynasty

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During a press tour for her new book Live Fearless, Sadie Robertson recently admitted that she hates watching herself on Duck Dynasty. She told reporters, ” I did not even want to watch it when I was on. I literally hid underneath the table, I was so embarrassed.” Many stars feel this way. Most people cringe at the sound of their own voice. Other actors don’t want to become selfconscious of their performance. 

However, Sadie also admitted she doesn’t even think of herself as a famous person. Despite starring in TWO of the most popular reality TV series in history, writing two best seller books, headlining a tour, and having millions of followers on social media, Sadie doesn’t think she’s a celebrity. She explained, “Dancing with the Stars, I’ve never watched an episode. I watched the YouTube videos, but I never saw one episode. Looking back, I enjoyed it personally, as far as what was actually happening, but I couldn’t let myself see it publicly. Part of that, I can be thankful for, because I think that’s why I don’t consider myself a famous person or anything, because I just feel it’s super normal.”

The One Bright Side

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The one bright side to being on a television show? Sadie is now able to watch her family on tape forever. Imagine having professional grade family videos of all the big moments. For example, John  Luke and Mary Kate Robertson will now have their wedding video for a lifetime. Sadie Robertson agreed, “I enjoyed it in different ways. I enjoyed it because I enjoyed being around my family that much, and just wanted it for our personal life.”

We can’t believe Sadie won’t watch herself, but we do understand. She wasn’t ready for fame and didn’t ask for it. The star explained, “”It was literally crazy. We never would’ve imagined that.” Would you ever want to be apart of a family reality tv series?