Sadie’s Last Instagram Post Confesses Her One “Flaw”…


Sadie Robertson is good at a lot of things. But recently, she confessed that there’s one thing she is terrible at doing.

Sadie Robertson recently confessed to the world one of her ongoing flaws

While on tour with Winter Jam, she shows her speaking and preaching skills. She certainly had gotten a lot of practice on her Live Original Tour, where she traveled the country seeking to encourage young people.

She’s good at being in front of the camera, obviously. Humor comes easily to her. Dancing is in her blood. She can write. What can’t she do?

Well, there is one thing she sort of sucks at…

On Instagram recently, she opened up to her followers about that one flaw she has.

“Literally NEVER fails with each trip,” she writes. “You would think I would get better at packing, but I always end up at the corner of happy and healthy.”

We can all relate to having trouble packing — it really can be difficult. You have to figure the length of the trip with what you’ll be going with whom you’re going. But she doesn’t stop there. She keeps going on about how bad she is at packing, with a little subtle advertising mixed in.

“I may be the worst at packing my stuff, but at least I can be confident in my outfit because I just got my Wild Blue Denim clothes in.”

So, don’t feel so bad. Don’t beat yourself up about your packing skills. Even Sadie Robertson has trouble with it. Nobody’s perfect.

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