The Truth Behind The Perfect Synergy Of The Robertson Family


The Robertsons have a rare family dynamic. Not only do they need to maintain their personal relationships with one another. They must also keep a good working relationship. Here’s what they’ve said about their marriages and their family businesses. 

The Robertsons’ Marriages

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The Robertsons have a very unique situation when it comes to their family dynamic. Working together, whether it be at Duck Commander, on Duck Dynasty, or in other entrepreneur pursuits, they must figure out how to coexist in business, and at home. 

Before Phil Robertson could even open Duck Commander, he needed to learn how to respect and treat Miss Kay correctly. After years of abuse, and sex drugs and rock and roll, Phil finally came around. He says he now sees what a lucky man he is to have a business partner, and wife, like Miss Kay. Phil explained, “As my heart and mind have been shaped and changed by the Almighty, I’ve become a much less selfish man and now understand the gem of a woman I have in Miss Kay… Cherishing the one you’re married to and considering their needs above your own have assured that our marriage sticks together.”

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Korie and Willie also needed to figure this lesson out for themselves. The young married couple recalls fighting in the beginning stages of their relationship. Korie recalled, “In the beginning, we didn’t always know how to be respectful to each other, but after we each made the decision to respect, our relationship grew in every way.”

Now They Work Together

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As the Robertsons’ marriages grew, so did their business. Korie and Willie, in particular, worked very hard to build Duck Commander into the business it is today. Willie remembered, “Working together as a family when Duck Commander was a new, barely known business kept us connected daily, but it also taught us a strong work ethic and how to resolve conflicts.” By resolving problems at work, they also learned how to solve problems at home. This has led to a super close family, that knows how to handle conflict in a healthy and loving way. 

Some people believe working with family is a death sentence. However, for the Robertsons, it has made all the difference. Would you ever consider working with your family?