How The Robertsons Are Going To Eliminate Slavery


The Robertsons are a family of good will and faith. They hope to use their large platform to better the world and God’s people. Last week they participated in the “end it” movement, hoping to end slavery in today’s society.

The Robertsons’ Big Hearts

The Robertsons are an exemplary family of faith and love. They have been using their incredibly large platform for good since the beginning of Duck Dynasty‘s success. They each boast millions of Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube followers. With so many people looking to them as an example, they have a large responsibility to share goodwill in the world.

Last week the Robertsons did just that by bringing awareness to the “End it” movement. Many people believe slavery has been eradicated in modern society. Those people are dead wrong. The movement aims to bring awareness to the parts of the world where slavery still exists. Their website states, “Millions are trapped, trafficked, exploited, enslaved. Together we can end it.”

Sadie, Korie and Missy Robertson all posted photos to their Instagrams. In the pictures, they had drawn X’s on their hands, in solidarity with the movement. Korie Robertson said, “We are in the fight to end slavery in our world today ❌Take some time today to learn about modern-day slavery and the incredible organizations that are in it to end it. There are so many doing good work. If you know of a good one, feel free to post about it in the comments so we can all learn about the work being done and find a way to join in!!”

Missy Robertson’s Involvement

This cause is particularly near and dear to Missy Robertson. The Duck Dynasty alum started her own jewelry line, Laminin, and employs many former victims of trafficking. She wrote, “So many wonderful pictures of hands today bringing awareness to #EndSlavery. These hands do more than bring awareness. These hands are bringing change to the lives of women fleeing #Slavery. Help us #EndIt.” Her company employs women of all different types of backgrounds, who are in need of a fresh start and a better life. She interviews many of these women on her podcast, The Overcomers

We are inspired by the Robertsons’ commitment to good works in this world and we hope their message spreads far and wide.