Here’s What Every Robertson Has Done Since The End Of Duck Dynasty


What are the Robertsons up to post Duck Dynasty? Well, a whole heck of a lot. This family sure hasn’t slowed down since their show was pulled off the air. Here’s where you can find them today.

Youngest Of the Robertsons Building An Empire

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Sadie Robertson is totally building her own empire. The Live Original tour is taking off. This past year Sadie, with the help of her brother John Luke, traveled to tons of cities speaking to teens about peer pressure and living for God. She brought along musical guests and famous faces. 

When she’s not writing a new book or touring, Sadie’s even appeared in a few music videos. The bright star is shining from her new home in Nashville and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Phil Robertson’s Show

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Phil Robertson has a new show on CRTV. CRTV is an online streaming service. The lack of advertisers and sponsors means Phil can say whatever he likes, and his fans love that. Phil’s pretty much speaking his mind every single day now. You can find videos of him online, talking about tons of things including politics, religion, holidays, and duck hunting.

Jase Shaved

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Perhaps the most surprising of the Robertsons’ post Duck Dynasty activities- Jase Robertson shaved his beard. Missy apparently always hated it, and Jase decided to shave it off for a good cause. The haircut was in honor of a large amount of money raised for the Mia Moo fund. That’s his daughter’s foundation which helps families affected by cleft lip and palate.

Jep and Jessica Moved

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Jep and Jessica decided to move away from family. They’re now residing in Austin, Texas where Jep’s food truck business is taking off. The family has apparently been traveling to and from the city for over five years now. Their 1.4 million dollar home in West Monroe is now for sale.

Si Robertson Is In A Band

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The most bizarre, but also typical, of the post Duck Dynasty endeavors is Si Robertson’s new band. The band is called “Uncle Si and the Sicotics,” and it’s comprised of Si, his daughter in law, Marsha Robertson, and a singer-songwriter named Bridgette Tatum. The group sings everything from country and rock, to hip-hop. You’ve got to take a listen for yourself.

We sure do miss seeing the Robertsons on TV every week. However, we hope they’re having a blast in their new endeavors and we wish them all the best of luck.