Korie Robertson Just Celebrated A MAJOR Milestone…


Korie Robertson’s birthday was last week, and the Duck Dynasty family celebrated with a score of social media posts. The matriarch of the duck gang received quite a few compliments, and it’s no wonder her children love her so much.

Korie Robertson’s Birthday

Korie Robertson’s birthday was October 24th, last Tuesday. The Duck Dynasty wife celebrated her 44th trip around the sun. Her family was quick to send her well wishes and compliments.

Firstly, Sadie Robertson sang her praises. She jokingly said, “IT’S YO BIRTHDAY K-SWAGGY!!!!” Then in a more serious tone, she added, “To the woman I owe all my weirdness… You make our family laugh hard. You make our family strong…Your life and your time is a gift to all.” Sadie says her mother knows her better than anyone, and she’s truly thankful for her.


Bella Robertson’s post was less sentimental. However, it showed off her and her mother’s unique relationship. She posted the above stunning photo of Korie with the caption, “happy birthday to the biggest bruno mars fan i know….. k-swag, we love ya a whole lot :-)”

Rebecca added to the daughter love by penning a sweet message to her adoptive mother. She wrote that Korie had taught her an endless amount of life lessons. “Happy birthday to this beaut on the right @bosshogswife ❤️???? the person I look up to the most in this world. You have shown me how to be a better friend, daughter, wife & servant to God. I love you to the moon & back and I am so blessed to have you as my mom ❤️44 never looked better”

Willie’s Grand Gesture

Men this is how it’s done❤️❤️❤️@realwilliebosshog cooked all day for my birthday! So good! 1- I love our fam! 😍 wish @legitsadierob @young_and_beardless and @marykaterob were with us! 2- Willie even had menu cards made for the night and cooked every bit of this himself. Every dish was delicious! 👏🏼 3- what we call “crazy bread” it’s full of butter, cheese and bacon. The good things in life 😋 4- this is what the kitchen looked like in the process. I forgive him for leaving every single cabinet door open. 25 years of marriage and I still haven’t broken him if that habit 😂 5- he put my age on the pie, ha!! He also had topping options, cherries, peaches and caramel. It doesn’t get any better than that! Thank you @realwilliebosshog 😘 #lovemyman #menwhocook #willieandkorie

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On top of the praise Korie received from her kids, she also shared a special gift she was given on her birthday. Willie, Korie’s husband, and Duck Commander CEO cooked a four-course meal by himself. He even had printed menu cards made for the occasion. It looks like the family was excited to celebrate their matriarch this year.

Korie Robertson’s birthday reminded us why we love this smart, kind, and go-getting lady.