[PICTURES] How The Robertson Women Are Stepping Out Lately Is Worrying Fans…


The Duck Dynasty cast is lucky enough to live in the warm climate of Louisiana. Their little West Monroe town must seldom drop below freezing. Here are 3 pictures that make me freeze just looking at them. Robertson women have no idea how to dress for Winter…because they never have to!

Louisiana At Christmas

photo by @legitsadierob via instagram.com

Sadie Robertson recently posted this photo with her sister Bella. The Duck Commander teen captioned the photo, “I’m back with bean, the leaves have fallen beautifully, and Christmas is in 11 days WHOOHOOO! who is excited?!?” The sisters look adorable and very happy. However, they’re outside on a blanket in December…and they aren’t wearing any coats. Most of us think of December as a time to bundle up by the fire with seven blankets on top of us, and toast our fuzzy sock adorned toes by the fire. Sadie’s plaid button down, while adorable, isn’t even buttoned up. Clearly, the girls don’t need puffy jackets, and will never understand the feeling of not being able to move your arms because you are wearing too many layers.

A Dress Without Leggings

photo by @legitsadierobertson via instagram.com

Sadie also posted this photo two weeks ago with the caption, “you know you are twirling right on into December when these are your recently used emojis ????☃️????????.” While the Dancing With The Stars alum looks stellar, and her heels are appropriately Christmas red, we can’t help but notice that her legs, arms, and stomach are exposed to the winter chill. This photo was supposed to celebrate the start of December but looks like it would be more appropriate in August. How lucky is this lady to not have to wear long underwear underneath all of her clothes to keep warm?

Here is a photo Korie Robertson posted on Thanksgiving day of herself, her mother, and…

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