What Do The ‘Duck Wives’ Really Think About Those Big Bushy Beards?


The Duck Dynasty beards have brought about quite a bit of controversy and intrigue over the years. Fans always want to know- do the Robertson women hate their husbands’ facial hair? Well, the truth is that only two of the wives appreciate the long beard that comes with loving a Robertson.

Korie And Jessica Robertson Love The Beards

On an episode of the 700 Club, Korie admitted both she and Jessica love their husbands’ beards. Korie said, “We actually are the two daughter in laws that love the beards. We married them clean shaven, and we love them that way as well. They’ve got super cute dimples, that now that they have the beard [they can’t see]. Now that they have the beard…We love the beard! We’re used to it.”

Jessica added, “We’ve grown fond of the beard. I’ve always said we’re protected with the beard as well. When we’re out in public nobody’s gonna mess with him with that beard, he looks crazy!” 

Missy Robertson, however, is one of the Robertson women who does not enjoy the beard. It was well known among Duck Dynasty fans that Missy hated the beard. Thankfully, Jase shaved his off after Duck Dynasty ended. He made the chop in honor of the Mia Moo Fund. Missy sarcastically stated, “I guess you could say I’m a little happy,” after posting a picture of herself beaming up at her clean shaven husband.

The Beardless Brother

Lisa Robertson also hates the beards, apparently even more than Missy. Alan Robertson, Lisa’s husband, is the only brother who didn’t have a long beard throughout the filming. Lisa said, “I am the main reason he doesn’t have a beard. I do not like it.” Apparently, Lisa was quite firm on her disdain for facial hair. She did say she lets Alan grow a little out for duck season, but he has to chop it off right after.

We’ve never heard Miss Kay’s opinion of the beard, but we bet she loves Phil just the way he is. Do you think the Robertson women are saints for putting up with the men’s beards? Do you think the Robertson men look better with or without their facial hair?