The Robertson Kids Made Kind Of A “Gross” Admission About Kay And Phil…


The Robertson kids admitted in a special Duck Dynasty promotion that Miss Kay and Phil are still hot and heavy after all of these years. In fact, it actually makes some of their sons feel a little awkward from time to time.

The Robertson Kids Feel Awkward

The Robertson kids aired their grievances with their parents’ PDA in a documentary about their Christmas album, Duck The Halls. In the 20 minute piece, the family describes what it was like to record their album. They got to work with country legends, including George Strait and Luke Bryan, but they also had a whole lot of quality time together.

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In one particular song, Phil and Miss Kay sing together. Christmas Cookies features George Strait, but the real magic is between Phil and Miss Kay. Korie Robertson said, “Of course Kay was in the studio with Phil the whole time they did it. They were laughing and being goofy, and I think it comes across on the album. You could tell they had fun with it.”

However, Jep Robertson didn’t think the moment was quite as cute as Korie did. Jep said, “What’s funny about Mom and Dad…It’s cool but it’s kinda weird when you’re their son, they’ve always got their hands all over each other.” Jessica Robertson added, “It’s nothing for Phil to walk by and give Kay a little pinch, or to tickle her, or to give her a kiss at any moment. They just still have that love and affection for each other after all these years.”

Jase’s Discomfort

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Jep isn’t the only Robertson kid feeling weird about the whole thing. Jase even said, “They did a little flirting, her [Miss Kay] and Phil. Which is normal, I guess. If they hadn’t have been doing that I wouldn’t even be here.” Despite the boys discomfort, Jessica loved the public display of affection from her in-laws. She said, “It was the cutest thing ever. That’s going to be an all time favorite for everyone.”

It’s clear Phil and Miss Kay still have a spark after all these years. Perhaps their example is the reason all the Robertson kids seem to have such successful relationships. Have you heard Christmas Cookies yet this season?