The Robertson Girls: Passionately Training To Achieve Their New Goal


The Robertson girls are slaying the game this year. They’ve decided to train for a half marathon together and it seems like they’re taking the challenge pretty seriously. Here’s what we know.

The Robertson Girls Train For A Half Marathon

Photo by Korie Robertson via

At the beginning of this year, Sadie Robertson posted about her New Year’s Resolutions. She said in her YouTube video, “This year what I’m going to focus on…is being wholehearted…Being a wholehearted warrior for the Kingdom of God. Being wholehearted means to be sincere, it means to be completely committed. It means to be total absolute all in.” This will be Sadie’s mental focus for 2018. However, she also has a physical goal for her 21st trip around the sun.

Sadie is training with her mother, Korie Robertson, for a half-marathon. Korie told fans on Instagram, “Did I mention I decided to run a half-marathon?” However, both she and Sadie faced set backs in training. In mid-January their household contracted the flu. The Robertson girls had to lay off the physical fitness for a while. Korie bounced back, though, and said, “But I just ran my first 4 mile! And I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now!” Korie joked that while on the treadmill she watched the show Naked and Afraid. She says the prospect of having to survive in a jungle motivates her to keep going.

Sadie also shared her training on Instagram. She wrote, “73 days until half marathon and this sums up how our training is going…” In the video Sadie is seen with her friends, one being Laney Redmon. The girls are high fiving and falling over in a workout studio.

Sadie’s Past Issues

Fans are excited to see the Robertson girls focusing on getting strong. In the past,  Sadie has shared her own personal struggle with an eating disorder. She wrote, “I struggled with an eating problem connected to a negative body image for about a year. It was dark. It was ugly.”

She is now happy with her heavier, but healthier, size. She said, “Here’s the funny thing – now I am happy to do an all natural photo-shoot, and the reality is, I am 15 pounds heavier then I was right after dancing with the stars. I literally cannot even wrap my head around how I was once able to get my hands to wrap around my thigh.”

It’s exciting to see the Robertson girls training for something so hard. We wonder which race they’ll choose to partake in?