We Almost Saw The End Of Jep In 2014… Here’s How He’s Doing Now…


We almost lost Jep

Jep Robertson
source: ABC

Jep Robertson, the baby of the Robertson brothers, had a scare back in 2014. He almost died — and not in a pretend reality TV show way. He literally could have kicked the bucket.

Here are the facts…

Jep’s Tweet

On October 25, 2014, Jep announced that he almost died, giving little detail of what happened…

Jep’s official statement

Jep Robertson
source: UPI.com

His family gave a statement to E! News:

“Earlier this week while deer hunting, Jep suffered from a seizure. Thankfully, he was in the stand with friends, and [his brother] Willie was at the hunting camp when it occurred so he was by his side in a matter of minutes.”

However, there’s one thing he could’ve easily lost but didn’t…

Jep’s sense of humor was fully intact

Yep, he’s still got the funnies.

Fortunately, this story ended well…

Jep lives!

“He is doing well now,” the statement continued. “But is still in the hospital for additional tests and observation and he is being treated with antibiotics to cover a range of possible infections believed to have caused the seizure.”

Obviously, he is now doing perfectly fine.

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