Did You Read Reed Robertson’s Caption On His Latest Instagram Post?


Reed Robertson penned the sweetest love letter to his wife, Brighton. The Duck Dynasty star posted the kind words on his Instagram. He praised his wife for her impressive work ethic, and kind heart.

Reed Robertson’s Impressive Words

“She’s the hardest working woman I know,” Reed Robertson wrote about his wife Brighton Robertson, formally Brighton Thompson. Bright and Reed moved to Nashville last year. Reed is currently pursuing a musical career, while Brighton studies to be a nurse. Reed decided to give his wife some public praise, and we can’t handle the cuteness. 

He said, “Between working and nursing school and traveling and even babysitting, she finds time to love me and help others. Her heart is made of gold. I’m sure of it.”

Brighton returned the favor, writing a post just as sweet about her hubby. Brighton shared her incredibly difficult schedule, stating she works, studies, and does homework all day starting at 4:30 am. She said, “To say the least, I’m exhausted. But at the same time through the exhaustion, I get to come home to this guy, and if you saw his most recent Instagram post you know he is the kindest man in the whole world to me. He gets me through it all. And I love him to pieces! (And I think he looks super cool in this photo☺️)

Newly Weds

Brighton and Reed Robertson married not long ago. However, they already understand how to keep a marriage happy and healthy. Recently they attended a retreat called “Socality Camp.” Brighton called the experience “one for the books.”

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photo by theknotnews.com

She recalled, “Being surrounded by a group of humans so driven by the same vision of community is unlike any other. Community is so vital for the heart and something not one can survive without. Socality has truly shown me this. It has provided me with friends that I will have for the rest of my life and what an honor it is to be a part of such a movement.” The retreat brings artists and creators together for four days in San Diego.

We love Brighton and Reed Robertson together, and think they’re in for a bright future of happiness.