The Craziest Products That Brought Duck Dynasty More Money Than Their ‘Ratings’


You might assume that Duck Dynasty became a huge cash cow due to it’s ratings and tremendous advertising fees. However, that isn’t exactly the case. While the reality show did have record-breaking viewership, it also had a secret to success that many other shows did not.

Duck Dynasty Merchandise

The Duck Dynasty team made money not just through television, but through merchandise as well. Duck Dynasty merchandise soared off the shelves, leaving stores perplexed at how fast a camouflaged towel could sell.

You could walk into any Walmart in 2013 and see an entire section devoted to Duck Dynasty themed items. There were T-shirts, hats, pajama sets, and even cutlery with the Robertsons’ faces on them. During that year alone the merchandise brought in 400 million dollars. 

Brandgenuity was the company behind the over 75 licensing deals involving Duck Dynasty products. You’ve seen their work with brands like Arm and Hammer, BMW, Oxi Clean, and Planet Fitness. They really knew what they were doing and they even got the Robertsons’ faces on band-aids.

People in all walks of life were relating to the show. They wanted to show their pride in being a viewer. We bet if you’re reading this you own a Duck Dynasty t-shirt or two. The family was able to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars just by posing for photos and slapping them on products.

The Craziest Items

Wondering what some of the wackiest Duck Dynasty merchandise items were? Well, for starters there’s the Uncle Si Chia pet. Nothing screams “I’ve made it!” quite like having your own chia statue.

You could also purchase three inch Robertson men plush doll toys. We’re not sure if these were used as gifts for babies or dog toys. Either way, they’re both creepy and cute at the same time.

Of course, true fans know that the best merchandise is sold on the Duck Commander website. You can’t go wrong with buying a true authentic Duck Commander duck call. We’re certain sales went up even higher for the calls after the show became popular.

Duck Dynasty was able to do what not many shows before it could. They capitalized on their popularity and cornered the market on everything from t-shirts, hats, and blankets. What sorts of Duck Dynasty merchandise do you own?