The REAL Reason You Should Buy This From Missy Robertson…


Missy Robertson’s Laminin jewelry line is stunning. The pieces are gorgeous and crafted to radiate beauty. However, that’s not why you should buy from this line.

Missy Robertson’s Laminin Jewelry

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Missy Robertson’s Laminin Jewelry line is “inspired by southern feminity and a love for the outdoors.” The pieces are rustic, yet polished. They would look good dressed up or down and could complete any outfit. 

However, there’s more to what meets the eye.

Missy’s jewelry line isn’t just another celebrity brand. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Missy created Laminin to make a huge impact. The website states, “One of the most important missions to Missy Robertson and her family has been to work selflessly to help others find faith and inner joy through charity. Missy has established Laminin House to provide jobs for women in the West Monroe area with a desire for community in a supportive work environment.

The women Missy employs have gone through unthinkable life situations. Some were, or are, homeless. Others were once sex workers or trafficking victims. Others are recovering addicts. 

All of these women have found a second chance at Laminin.

Therefore, when you’re buying a piece of Laminin jewelry, you’re not just adding to the Robertson’s net worth. You’re enriching the life of a woman who has been given a second chance. It’s an awesome cause to support. It’s just a bonus that the jewelry is beautiful.

The Podcast

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On top of Laminin’s regular business, Missy is also using her platform to share the stories of her employees. She created a podcast in partnership with Faithwire called The Overcomers. 

The Overcomers features the stories of the women Missy employees. Each woman has been through something different. However, they have all found refuge in their Christian faith, and Missy bonds with them over a love for Jesus.

Missy hopes that their stories will empower other women, and spread a message of hope. This week she interviewed a woman named Charlie who was once addicted to multiple types of drugs. Charlie was able to pull herself out of a spiral and has now found faith in the Church.

Missy Robertson’s Laminin jewelry supports women like Charlie, and we couldn’t think of a better brand to support.