Photos Of Young Willie Robertson That You Can’t Unsee


Yes, those are jorts…

Yep, you’re seeing correctly. The manly duck-hunting millionaire CEO of two companies is barefoot on the beach in tight jean shorts (Jorts). 

“This was during Willie’s rebellious phase where he wore jorts, cut his hair and shaved,” Korie explains in the caption.

Clueless Willie

Willie looking clueless next to his girl. This is a classic face that still makes an appearance here and there.

Woody and Bo Peep?

They resemble Toy Story‘s Woody and Bo Peep, don’t they? Either way, you won’t see Willie dressing like this these days. Willie’s bandana today, can only be found across his forehead. In fact, he made fun of Jep when he dressed as a clown.

Graduation day!

Willie must be so proud — a beautiful wife, a cute daughter, and a graduation.


source: Instagram

Well isn’t this photo touching? The question is, whose feet are at the bottom of the photo?

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