Addiction and Mental Illnesses The Robertson Family Managed To Overcome


The Robertson family is known as one of the most family-friendly, faith-driven reality TV show casts in television history. However, despite being known for wholesome content, this family has also been completely honest when it comes to the dark sides of their stories. Here’s the history of mental illness in the Robertson family.

Phil Robertson’s Addictions

Phil Robertsons’ dark past has been documented countless times. The Robertson family aren’t afraid to talk about their father’s darker days. Before Phil was an evangelizing Christian, he was a sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll fan. 

Phil has admitted to cheating on Miss Kay. The patriarch was more interested in where he’d get his next drink or fix of drugs than with raising his boys. He even kicked the family out of the house at one point. His alcoholism ran deep. It even caused him to be abusive. Miss Kay said, ”I don’t want anybody to stay through an abusive thing, and I had some abuse… It was only when he was drunk. The words were the worst. But I’m not saying he did anything physical. One time he did drank some real moonshine and he did do some physical abuse that time…”

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When asked about his father’s past, Willie admits, “He wasn’t just away from the Lord, he was just horribly away. He did a bunch of things that were just terrible. Phil says, “My life was spiraling out of control in a hurry. You have to remember we’re talking the 60s here sex drugs and rock n’ roll…I finally came to my senses…”

Thankfully Phil was blessed with the Holy Spirit and came to Jesus. He immediately quit drinking and smoking cold turkey, then returned to his family. 

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