Discover Phil Robertson’s REAL Feelings Towards The Internet


Phil Robertson hates the internet, or does he? The patriarch of the Robertson family claims to believe the internet is ruining American culture and values. Yet he’s plastered himself all over the world wide web and uses it to stream his new television show. Here’s what the Duck Commander creator really thinks about the internet.

Phil Robertson On The Internet

Phil Robertson claims to hate the internet. It’s been well documented that Phil Robertson doesn’t believe phones and laptops are helping society in any way. He’s a simple man who likes to do things the old-fashioned way. He wishes his grandkids would put down their devices. However, Phil recently debuted a brand new show on an internet streaming service. So what changed this hard-headed man’s views? Perhaps he realized the great potential online media provides

It Started On Duck Dynasty

Phil’s hatred for the internet began on Duck Dynasty. He would often be shown on the show smirking as his many grandkids played with devices and phones. It’s a pretty classic tale of the evident generation gap. Many modern-day Americans can relate to the struggle of teaching your grandpa how to use an iPhone.

A&E loved this storyline so much that they even created a song montage of Phil talking about phones. In the clip he says, “here’s the deal- cell phones, not for me. You look at these kids today…I’m not the cell phone type.” They even mixed his words into a catchy song.

He’s gone even further in the media saying, “Americans need to get off their cell phones— my sons included. Contrary to what you’re thinking, you can live without them. I promise you can operate and function without them. I don’t have one. You don’t have to have one, either.”

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