The Exact Moment In Phil Robertson’s Life That Turned His World Upside Down


Phil Robertson completely changed his life at 28 years of age and decided to walk the straight and narrow. Here’s what he had to say about his 180-degree turn towards Jesus.

Phil Robertson’s Testimony

Phil Robertson’s testimony will never get old. It’s truly a rags to riches story about how God can change a man’s life in a split second. However, it was a long time coming. Phil Robertson will tell you, it took him a while to find the Lord.

Phil’s sister had a gut feeling that her brother would be a great evangelist. She told her preacher than Phil would convert many people, if only he could learn about Jesus. So the preacher and sister decided to confront Phil at his favorite bar. Phil says at the time he was “into sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.” Phil’s sister began handing out worship CDs at the bar, and the preacher cornered Phil. The Duck Dynasty patriarch wanted nothing to do with the man at the time. However, the seed was planted.

A year later, Phil found himself at rock bottom and decided to reach out to the man. He remembers, “I ran the guy off, but later on I looked him back up. My life was pretty well going south in a hurry. So at 28, I finally sat down and listened for the first time in my life to the story about Jesus of Galilee, the one we’re all counting time by.”

“I Just Decided To Follow Him”

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Phil explains, “I just decided to follow him, when I heard that he in fact, was God in flesh.” He added, “It took the blood of God to remove my sex drugs and rock n’roll lifestyle… I’m sitting there and listening, and thinking ‘man that was a mighty kind thing to do for a scum bag like me.'”

Once Phil decided to follow he never looked back. There’s never once been a day where he fell off the wagon. He’s never strayed and gone back to his old ways for even a minute. He says, “It really would do no good to have my sins removed, which are many. It wouldn’t do me any good though if something could not be done about the six foot hole I’m going into… It’s actually too wild a story to dream up by human beings…”

Are you moved by Phil Robertson’s testimony?