How Phil Robertson’s Sister Planted A ‘Seed Of Faith’ That Changed His Life


Phil Robertson’s past is scattered with dark stories. Today’s Duck Dynasty star was once an alcoholic hell-bent on ruining his own life. It wasn’t until his sister took matters into her own hands that Phil Robertson saw the light of day.

Phil Robertson’s Little Sister

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When we think of today’s Phil Robertson, we picture a strong man, with a long beard, and a love of the Lord. Phil Robertson will talk about his Christian faith anywhere and anytime. He wants to share the good news, and he wants his fans to know all about Jesus. He isn’t afraid to offend anyone, but he certainly is afraid of sin.

However, that wasn’t always the case. At one point Phil ran a “beer joint” and had kicked Miss Kay and their three sons at the time (Willie Jase and Alan) out of the house. He was cheating on Miss Kay, living a “rock’n’roll lifestyle,” and wasn’t anything like the man we know today.

Phil Robertson’s little sister realized her brother was on a path to nowhere and she decided to take matters into her own hands. She told a preacher in West Monroe “if you could convert my brother, he would bring many many people to Jesus.” She convinced a man from her home congregation to drive to Arkansas to the bar with her, to confront Phil.

Jesus At The Bar

Phil’s sister showed up at his bar. She began to pass out worship tapes with praise and worship music on them. Phil said, “They started getting a little hostile toward my sister, so I had to go in and break that up.” 

The preacher didn’t make much progress with Phil, and he and his sister retreated back to West Monroe. However, they had planted a seed. A year later Phil said, “I was a scumbag, and a heathen.” Miss Kay eventually talked Phil into speaking with the preacher that had come by. Phil said, “I decided since I didn’t even realize who Jesus was. I was too busy smoking dope and getting drunk and getting laid. I’m thinking, how did I miss that?”

Thankfully, Phil was then ready to hear the good news. It was all thanks to his sister believing in him and Miss Kay convincing him to have the conversation. You never know what will open the door.

Can you believe Phil Robertson’s sister had the foresight to see Phil would be a great evangelist?