Phil Robertson’s Latest Political Statement Drives His Haters Crazy


Is there anyone quite as polarizing as Phil Robertson? You either love him, hate him, agree with him wholeheartedly, or disagree with him vehemently. One thing’s for sure- Phil is excited to be uncensored.

Phil Robertson Uncensored

Many years ago Phil Robertson wasn’t allowed to speak his mind. He admitted, “I just know when we did the Duck Dynasty thing since the sponsors were there, if the sponsors didn’t like something yours truly had to say, especially about spiritual matters, well the sponsors will just pull out.” Now, however, he’s found a home on the CRTV online streaming network. Conservative Review Television LOVES what Phil has to say and couldn’t be happier when he speaks off the cuff.

Perhaps the most surprising thing Phil Robertson has said since being uncensored deals with our current president. Phil spoke to a crowd at an FRC Action event. He said, “When’s the last time you heard someone in the news media say a word about sin and repent? You never hear it! And I’m looking to the right and the left, and I’m thinking we’re one of the most lawless places on the face of the Earth.”

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Phil believes the country needs to head back to Christian values and cling to God. He said, “We forgot God as a nation. They ran him out of Hollywood. They ran him out of the News media…” Phil also pointed out that children are no longer allowed to pray in school. He believes that Americans need to take a moment and lean back on Christian morals and values, which should be implemented into our judicial system.

Bringing President Trump Into It

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One thing A&E definitely would never want Phil Robertson to do? Speak about Donald Trump. We can imagine that in today’s political climate the large broadcasting network would be censoring Phil left and right about his feelings for the president.

That wasn’t the case when Phil admitted to speaking to Trump about Christianity in a meeting last year. He recalled telling the President, “Donald, don’t miss this. I said we need God on our side. I was just trying to give him some encouraging words.” He even offered to baptize the world leader. It doesn’t get much more polarizing than that.

So which side are you on? Do you love the uncensored full of thoughts Phil Robertson? Or would you prefer the family go back to the tongue in cheek Duck Dynasty days?