Discover How Phil Robertson’s Granddaughter Learned From His Mistakes


Phil Robertson’s granddaughter, Sadie Robertson, just started a brand new charity called One Squad. The writer, TV personality, and social media influencer has had a big and impactful year.

Phil Robertson’s Granddaughter Carries His Mission

Phil Robertson’s granddaughter, Sadie Robertson, carries his mission with her. She’s been taught by her granddad and parents to change the world for the better. Now, she’s using her large platform to create change in the world.

Sadie started One Squad, a charity that helps millennials make a difference in the world. She said, “One Squad is so cool because it is mostly young people who are doing this. What we do is we get behind local leaders, that way we’re not just sponsoring children but we’re doing anything the country needs. So we get behind local leaders and we’re like ‘what do you need to do?’ We’re in Uganda Ethiopia Haiti Dominican Zimbabwe… a lot of different places.”

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Most recently the “squad” helped build a school for over 60 girls to live in and receive an education. Sadie explained, “That’s been a super cool thing that we just got done with…”

To be a part of the One Squad, millennials pay 40 dollars a month. Their contributions go towards projects that aim to end poverty worldwide. Sadie said the initiative is cool because it gets young people involved.

Starting Early

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Much like her grandfather, Sadie wants to make a difference. She realizes she doesn’t have to be all grown up to start. She said, “I personally, it can be any age, but to me I always want to young people to know, because I’m 20, you don’t have to wait til you’re 40 to get your life figured out.”

Perhaps Phil Robertson’s granddaughter learned from his mistakes. She added, “Go ahead let’s start now and let’s make good decisions so that by the time we are older we don’t have to look back and think ‘Oh man I really wish I didn’t do that.'” Sadie has probably heard her grandfather’s stories of sex, drugs, and rock n’roll and wants no part of those mistakes. She’s happy to live her youthful years helping others and spreading God’s message.