How Phil Robertson Found A Way To Speak His Mind With No Restrictions


Phil Robertson may be old fashioned but he’s still sharp. He realized he needed a platform to share his unpopular opinions. In The Woods With Phil gave him just that.

Alan Robertson’s Idea

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In The Woods With Phil is the Duck Dynasty patriarch’s latest project. Phil is able to tell it like he sees it on his new show. The show bypasses traditional media and airs on an online streaming service, CRTV. Phil said his son Alan was the one to come up with the idea.

Phil told Newsmax TV, “My oldest son said ‘Dad, you need to talk more’, and I said ‘well, figure out some venue where I may do that’. And they come up with this thing and presented me with it, I said hey let’s go for it.” Can you imagine the pitch for such a project? Phil has said he doesn’t own a laptop or smartphone. We bet explaining to him an online streaming network was a bit of a challenge.

However, Phil couldn’t be happier to get to speak to his fans without fear of losing sponsorship. He said, “I quoted a bible verse and you would have thinking I was one of the meanest man on the Earth.” 

In particular, Phil likes to tell people exactly what he believes will happen if they don’t seek Jesus. “You’ve got to hear the bad news that we’re all sinners, and we’ve got a six foot hole waiting for us before you can appreciate the good news of Jesus removing our sins and raising us from the dead.”

No Filters At All

Phil Robertson says his show has “no filters at all.” Being on the internet there are far fewer parameters for what’s appropriate or allowed. Phil explained further, “You gotta remember without sponsors and all this stuff, it’s just me talking. Basically what we’re doing is, we’re presenting a dichotomy of humanity. On the one side you’ve got Romans 1, the ones who don’t think it worth while to retain the knowledge of God…On the other side you see people who are loving, they have joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness…what we’re doing on the show is saying here’s two groups, you’re in one of them or the other one. It’s pretty simple.”