Discover What Phil Robertson Likes About Living Off The Land


Phil Robertson loves his lifestyle. He loves to live off the land and to be out in the woods as much as possible. If you’d want to torture the man you’d just have to put him in a bit city and not let him leave. Here’s what he had to say about living in the woods.

The Woods Are Always Quiet

What does Phil Robertson love about the woods? Well, they’re always quiet. He said in a recent video for his show In The Woods With Phil, “The woods…the sun comes up early in the morning coming up through these trees. The wind comes through em.” Phil adds that amidst the nation’s violence, political turmoil, and passionate debate, the woods are a place of surrender. He said, “The woods are never bitter. Never hateful. They’re always quiet. It’s a good place to be.”

In fact, Phil believes that the entire country should have stayed woods. He wishes so much development hadn’t occurred over the years. In a separate video, he said, “The government is behind the paving of these roads? I doubt it. It was probably local people, the state of Louisiana. But they didn’t need to pave it anyhow.”

He admits that he misses the dirt roads. He said, “We were fine before it was paved. That road’s been paved for about a decade. I remember when it was not paved. It was dirt. Guess what? It was great. There were no potholes.”

Perfectly Happy

Phil Robertson is a man of contentment and simplicity. He added, “We were perfectly happy with dirt roads. We’ll get across the creak…I don’t need the government to build me a bridge to get to where I’m going. We’ll get across the creek, just get back out of the way and watch.” And he isn’t kidding. True Duck Dynasty fans have seen Phil work his magic in the woods. He and his sons are capable of getting to where they need to go, they don’t need big city amenities to get by.

Are you like Phil Robertson? Would you prefer to be out in the woods, near nature, all of your days?