So Phil Robertson Was Happy To Get His Duck Dynasty Paycheck, But Then…

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Phil Robertson recently opened up about his initial disappointment when he realized just how much he’d have to pay in taxes while making his fortune. The Duck Dynasty star is supporting Trump, and hoping the President will bring significant tax cuts.

Phil Robertson On Taxes

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Phil Robertson visited the set of Fox Business News in New York City the past week. The Duck Dynasty alumni decided to talk money and disappointment.

Mr. Robertson lived the American dream. He created a duck call patent in 1972. The Duck Commander was born, and he created massive success. 

Phil said, “I know this is a shock to America. Here I am- America! I came up with an idea about Duck calls Barney, and here I am. I’m a multi-millionaire. I saw a million come in and I’m like… what in the world happened to it? Well, 400,000 went to the government. Then the next million would come in. And well it would take 2 million to get 1.2. I’m thinking…” He trailed off, apparently alluding to dissatisfaction.

Phil also admitted tax reform is a major concern of his. He told Fox Business, “What fool would say, ‘the last thing we need is tax cuts.’?”  He also admitted he supports the idea of trickle-down economics. Lastly, he said, “Somebody said, ‘there back on this trickle-down economics.’ I’m like yeah! At least some of it is coming down to everybody.”

He Supports Trump

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As for Trump’s other policies, Phil says he’s still supporting the President. He didn’t name specific policies, but said, “I just looked at the alternative. He is the President of the United States. The people have spoken. I looked at his policies. I just don’t have a big beef with him.”

He added, “I’m still looking at what could have been the alternative, and I’m thinking…with all of the vitriol and hatred and watching every move he makes, and all the blow-back from within the Republican party…I’m saying the man has done remarkably well.”

Do you agree with Phil Robertson? Is tax reform a primary concern of yours as a citizen and voter?

  • Janice Seal

    Just another redneck multimillionaire not willing to pay his taxes while sticking it to the poor and middle class. Don’t you remember life before you made a duck call?

    • Grald Ster

      “just another redneck millionaire”? lmao

    • Cathy Rohrscheib

      I see jealousy he’s paying his taxes, but just like the rest don’t like it .regardless of how much or little .this is nothing new

  • Brenda Rosentreter

    Hey, phil, you wanna complain about what you make & the taxes you pay. I have no pity. You wanna try living on my income jack?! I cannot work due to my health, & i get $490 a month & barely make it . And thats after busting my butt all my life. Why dont you try a little gratitude pal. You could still be broke & hungry.

  • Janice Seal

    He needs to stop complaining and he never should have said he likes Trump, he is a crook, a liar, a coke head, a cheat and everything that is wrong for this country. To be associated with a man who wants to stick it to the poor and middle class makes him sound like a nedneck crybaby millionaire!

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