Phil Just Ordered A Crowd Of Hundreds To “Invest” In This…


Phil Robertson doesn’t seem to understand modern medicine. He told a Roy Moore rally crowd that he’d rather them invest in eternal healthcare than universal health care. What exactly did he mean?

Phil Robertson On Health Care

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Phil Robertson has clearly never needed the help of modern medicine. “I haven’t had any kind of health insurance for 50 years,” Robertson told a Roy Moore rally crowd in Alabama. Phil was speaking about the issue of universal health care. However, Phil doesn’t seem to be just against Universal health care. He’s against any kind of health care at all. 

“We never heard of that,” Phil said. “You say, ‘Well what if something had happened?’ It didn’t!” Phil then explained that he doesn’t see the point in health care. “Any kind of healthcare you get,” He said, “it’s not going to keep you out of a six foot hole.” 

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Phil doesn’t seem to think preventative care, cancer treatment, mental health facilities, or any type of care at all is beneficial to the world. He said, “Why don’t you all invest in eternal health care. It’s already been paid for, won’t cost you a dime. Your body will be resurrected from the grave… If this book [the bible] is true if I get ailments I will say ‘Lord help me with this ailment, and if you don’t and you take me now, thank you for this resurrection.'”

Will His Family Agree?

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We can’t help but wonder what Phil Robertson’s family has to say about this. Obviously they agree investing in faith is important. However, we have to imagine they don’t agree that prayer should replace health care altogether. After all, did God not create those doctors and put the ideas into those researchers’ heads?

In particular, we wonder what Missy and Jase Robertson have to say about this. They, along with their daughter Mia, have started an entire foundation in support of families affected by Cleft Lip and Palette. The foundation, the Mia Moo Fund, help sprovide health care, education, and assistance to families. Without the help of modern medicine Mia wouldn’t have the smile she has today. We wonder if Phil Robertson has thought of any of that at all.