Phil And Si Confess To Sharing DEVASTATING Mental Illness…


Phil Robertson shares a mental illness with his brother and his oldest son. The men of the Robertson family have long been honest about their struggles with alcoholism. Here’s what they’ve said about the devastating disease.

Phil Robertson’s Alcoholism

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Phil Robertson is a recovered alcoholic. He struggled with the disease at the beginning of his marriage to Miss Kay Robertson. The couple has been very open about the dark times in their marriage. Miss Kay endured quite a bit, but stuck by her man. 

Miss Kay recalls that period in the marriage, “The drinking got worse. And I knew then but I didn’t want to believe it; [he] was running around on me. And what I would tell my boys all the time is, ‘That’s not your daddy. That’s the devil in your daddy.”

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Miss Kay credits her grandmother’s advice for her ability to stay in the marriage. She also prayed consistently that Phil would see the light and turn his life around. She said, “When I say, “I love you,” it’s for life. If we would not have stayed together I would have known in my heart that I had done everything I could possibly do to make that marriage work.”

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He Found Jesus

Luckily, Phil did make a change. He found Jesus and was able to pull himself out of the darkness. However, his son Alan soon found himself with the same struggles. Kay said, “Yeah that was hard, and I think it broke my heart when Alan did it because Alan was my rock.”

Miss Kay feels guilty for the childhood Alan lost during his father’s struggles with alcoholism. Perhaps those years are the reason for his own problems. She explained, “He never got to play baseball like the other kids. He was taking care of his brothers and helping me. I tell Jase and Willie, “You’ve never thanked him enough for taking care of you when you were little. He was as good or better than any sitter I’ve ever paid in my life. He was that mature as a little boy. Sometimes I cried because he didn’t have a regular childhood…”

Uncle Si’s Alcoholism

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Phil and Alan aren’t the only Robertson men keen on drinking. Si Robertson revealed in his own book that he struggled with substance abuse. When Si was stationed in Vietnam, he drank his sorrows away often. He said, “I drank so much beer and whiskey in Vietnam that I decided I would quit drinking alcohol altogether once I returned home,” he writes in his book. “I saw what alcohol was doing to me in Vietnam and realized I needed to stop for good.”

All of the Robertson men credit their recovery to the Christian faith and the love of their wives and families. Did you have any idea that Si, Alan, and Phil Robertson all had substance abuse problems?