Phil Robertson Sets CNN Straight on Trump, Muslim Ban, Guns in Schools and the Wall


Phil Robertson

“Because teachers, are you know, things that are going on in our schools are unbelievable. You look at some of our schools, unbelievable what’s going on, but I’m not advocating guns in classrooms. But remember, in some cases and a lot of people have made this case, teachers should be able to have guns. Trained teachers should be able to have guns in classroom.” Donald Trump

Don Lemon, a CNN anchor, asked Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, if he agreed with Donald Trump on having resource officers armed in schools. Or allowing teachers to carry guns.

Robertson cited the mass carnage that has gone on in our schools. And with that he said he doesn’t disagree with Trump’s assessment.

In light of all the school shootings, Robertson said he wouldn’t have problems with having trained professionals in the classroom. That would mean, he stressed, that they would have to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in firearms. And of course throughly vetted.

If that criteria was met, then the reality tv star says he would feel much better about having his children in a school would something like that were to happen. They would have a much better chance for survival

 “I don’t think it’s beyond the pale to say that trained professionals, who are there to protect the children. I don’t have a problem with that.”

Does Phil Robertson agree with Donald Trump on the boarder and ban on Muslims?

Phil acknowledged that the border has been chaotic over the last thirty years. Something has to be done. He’s not so sure that Donald Trump can “pull it off” monitoring the coming and going of people along the border. “That’s a long stretch of territory.”

“I would say, it’s probably worth the attempt.”

Pointing to how dangerous the world has become with ISIS and people coming through the border, we need to have stronger borders. We should at least be able to verify who is coming and going.

As for the ban on Muslims? Where does Phil Robertson stand?

“If we know some people are coming in, some terrorists are coming in with certain groups of people, I would think it would be almost impossible to verify whether they’d been radicalized, or whether they want to come in, and killer teams are formed. It’s happened before.”

“You need to monitor that very carefully.”

Phil Robertson was not hard lined on human need. He understood that if he lived by the river with his family and they were just scraping by, he could just cross the river. Especially if someone else pointed that out to him. If he would work hard once he got across, his family would be better off. Of course, he would believe it. It’s just human nature to want something better for ourselves and our families.