Phil Robertson Just Said The Most SURPRISING Thing About Church…


Phil Robertson recently appeared on the Ben Shapiro show and shared what he believes needs to happen to point America in the right direction. Phil says Christians should be sharing their faith more. He also believes Americans need to stop relying on the government.

Phil Robertson Talks “Worship”

The Duck Dynasty patriarch had quite a bit to say when Ben Shapiro asked him what he thinks is wrong with American churches. Phil pointed out that Christians need to take their worship outside of the church and share their faith more.

Phil says God has slowly been shoved into churches, and not allowed to come out. “It’s been a slow 60 years,” he explained. “The last 60 years they have pushed God into these structures that have a steeple on them. They push him in there and say keep him in there…We don’t want a fifth-grade girl thanking her God for this sandwich she’s fixing to eat in a school house…We’ve removed God, and we’ve pushed him out of our culture in any way possible.”

Phil also offered possible suggestions for the future. “What we need to do,” he posed, “is understand that worship is not about going to church. Worshiping and leading. Worshiping God is offering yourself, your body, as a living sacrifice. Everywhere you are, you point people to the God of creation…Everywhere you are, work, play, 24/7…”

The Robertsons Walk Their Talk

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The Robertsons certainly practice what they preach. Phil Robertson never misses an opportunity to talk about his faith, whether it be on Fox Business, or his new TV show, Phil In The Woods. His granddaughter, Sadie Robertson follows suit. She hosts the Live Original tour, which puts on events throughout the country. Teens flock to the tour to worship and be encouraged.

Korie and Willie Robertson also constantly talk about their faith in the press and credit the success of Duck Commander to the Lord. Do you think Phil Robertson is right? Does worship need to leave the church and head to the streets?